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How corporate catering can help to reconnect with people

In spite of all this technology and rapidly following trends, the need for connection remains: with each other, with our environment and with the food.

Combi events

People are looking for contact with each other, but how do you stimulate spontaneous encounters between strangers? To achieve the fame of good corporate catering services create a common goal that they can respond to. Examples:

  • Challenge your guests to guess the ingredients of the dishes. This creates discussions among themselves or at the table.
  • Use the name badges at an event to play a game. Put an icon on it and ask your guests to find other people with the same icon.
  • Put cries or questions about life on the napkins to stimulate conversations.

The new serving

People want to be surprised. It is just as good about the food as about presenting it. For example, you can serve a dessert of vanilla in the form of a brain with a scalpel and ask people to ‘dissect’ it. The guessing on ingredients made for nice interaction at the table.

Buffets do not create atmosphere and hardly stimulate interaction. It is also known that buffets cause more food waste. Not really trendy! Then what?

Guests want to enjoy smaller dishes; more courses and variation and therefore more chance to try something new. In addition, it is possible to improve the presentation with real eye catchers. The people in the ministry can then tell the story about the dish to stimulate the “reconnection”.

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